Hourly Charter Rate

Hourly Charter Rate
  • Location: Cairns, Qld
  • Product code : CHTR
From AUD $880.00
We can take between one and 5 passengers. Ideal is four passengers with 10 kg "carry on" luggage in soft bags. Payload varies with distance and weather conditions, up to 430kg. Seats can easily be removed for the carriage of bulky items.
The aircraft is a Cessna 337 twin. This is a high wing aircraft with excellent visibility and ease of entry/exit (no clambering over the wing). It is equipped for night and poor weather operations with duplicated GPS systems and a storm scope for avoiding the worst of the weather.
A Eagle 360, 360° camera system is available for surveillance taking combined video and still photos. An in-flight opening window and, the cameraman position ahead of the wing, makes for superb conventional photography. An observer door with clear panels to floor level makes this aircraft an ideal observer platform at a fraction of the cost and twice the speed of a helicopter.
Light refreshment packs and water are provided. Hourly rate is calculated from the actual hours or part thereof that the aircraft is airborne. Does NOT include airport taxi time or other delays on the ground.
Calculate your journey. Use http://www.freemaptools.com/measure-distance.htm Click start, click destination, click end. (returning). Multiply km by 260 to find hours - call for a quote.
Extras charges include...
Airport landing and navigation charges
Pilot standby time where less than 3hrs per day are flown.
Pilot accommodation and transfer costs where an overnight stay is required.
For a more accurate written quote text or phone +61 409976888 or email hopair@icloud.com